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Steps to prepare for PMP Exams

  1. PMBok 5th Edition- Register with PMI and get it for free.
  2. BUY OR RENT. PMP Exam Prep, Eighth Edition – Updated: Rita’s Course in a Book for Passing the PMP Exam.

Or Head First PMP, 3rd Edition.

  1., or
  2. PMP pocket prep for cellphone or tablet

After 1-2  Months of studying Then Find good simulator such as:

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PMP® Exams Prep Resources

Top Resources used
1.       I want to be a PMP® group and ALL members
2.       PMBok 5th Edition
3.       Rita-PMP® Exam Prep 8th Edition – Rita Mulcahy
5. Very good for feedback on any question, if you want to pass exam you must use this simulator
6. The TOP BEST quality questions that covers the current exam change, if you want to pass exam you must use this simulator
7. Very good simulator, you can generate your own questions, if you want to pass exam you must use this simulator
15.   Certgear offline application
16.   PMP izenbridge questions and videos
17.   PMP Lite Mock Exams Practice Questions—Answer Key and Explanations
18.   Oliver 75 and 175  Questions
19.   EdWEL PMP_Exam_Preparation_Boot_Camp_Participant_Manual_locked_5_2
My Questions pool were mostly concentrated on Procurement, Stakeholder with few on human resources, Risk and quality
Mobile application
My favorite app of all was PMP pocket prep

Conception of international Benchmarks for recruiting and deploying potential candidates for global project’s operations

The demand for global standardized project management profession that can be applied internationally when recruiting and deploying potential candidates for global project’s operations was a critical factor for the success of global projects as Crawford L. et al (2007) explained. This was “the why” TED. Simon Sinek (2010), as the explicit target that created the appetite that (Lenn, 1997, p. 2), indicates that during the North American free trade agreement that was signed in 1993, there were certain policies that could be fairly utilized to evaluate professionals. Professionals, associations and PM professionals were in dire need to come up with a collectively acceptable standard.
As part of the resolutions, Crawford L. et al (2007) pp7 listed the four initiatives that started combining existing global standards to be used as a benchmark internationally while recruiting and deploying potential candidates for global project’s operations
1. Global project management forum, (Pells, D. L. (1996) pp. ix-x
2. Global working groups
3. GAPPS working Groups (2002) was sponsored by South African (Services SETA)
4. OLCI (1998) (more…)


1. Introduction
Risk is the probability of failure multiplied by the consequences of failure. It is uncertain event or condition may have positive or negative effect if it occurs in the projects (Cost, Scope and Quality). The likelihood and impact if it occurred may be catastrophic depending on the size of the project. PMBOK® GUIDE, 4th Edition listed the six processes as planning for risks, Risk identification, Analyze qualitatively, analyze quantitatively, Plan responses and monitor and control of risks. These processes were summarized into three stages of Risk Assessments as, Preparing for risk assessment, Carrying out the assessment and Post assessment activity. Meredith, Jack R. (2012)

2. Definitions
Highly sophisticated and complex projects requires sophisticated detail risk assessment process that can provide detail quantity assessment in addition to simple qualitative assessments. Quantitative and qualitative research approaches are based on two scientific models, Natural science (Quantitative) and human science (qualitative) Gioia, D. A, et al 2012. Quantitative focus on static image and qualitative follow the more flexible open ended and circular process. (more…)


Operational executions, Stakeholder management, Risk management, Project Planning, Cost Control, Growth Strategies, Forensic analysis, EOT Claims, Turnaround and recovery Management, Technology and Manufacturing.

Rephinus Omoro: 46 Brettenwood, Dixon Road. Reyno Ridge. Witbank. 1049. South Africa Cel: +27

Operational Intelligence: My Career evolved in two major projects, 6 x 780 MW Coal Fired Super Boiler for the coal fired Medupi Power Project, in which I was task to plan for the preparation and supply of Steel for suppers boiler fabrication. This led to further training in the United States for the preparation and establishment of the Kusile Power Station supply Unit of Steel for supper boilers fabrication

Impacts of a Complex Project and Uncertain Environment in the Planning Process

Impacts of a Complex Project and Uncertain Environment in the Planning Process
1. Introduction
Complex projects are available across industries and sectors. Complexity elements are internal and external (people, products and processes) as explained in Laureate Online Education (2014) Key Concept week 6. Vidal et al, 2011, p.719 defined complexity as the components of the project that may be difficult to understand due to unforeseen dynamic behaviors and thus managing these components may be extremely difficult unless uncertainties are properly quantified McLain, D. (2009). (more…)

FINANCIAL AID: COST OF MSc Project Management

COST OF MSc Project Management
Am currently pursuing MSc Project management at the University of Liverpool, and due to financial constraints am looking for Sponsorship/donors that can assist me with the fee payments.
I have completed
1. Project and Portfolio Management in an Organization (Complete. B)
2. Planning for Risk, Uncertainty and Complexity (Complete. B+)

Remaining Modules
1. Executing, Controlling and Closing Projects
2. Sustainable Programme and Portfolio Management
3. Leading and Managing Project Teams
4. Strategic Purchasing Management
Specialization modules
1. Project Management in Construction
2. Integrated Infrastructure Project Management
Please if you can assist me or knows someone that can offer financial support please contact me on or +2772510148